07 February 2010

I haven't forgotten about you!

The past month has been pretty crazy. I've been sick since New Years Day and I'm still not 100% over it. Also, I went on a cruise two weeks ago (sick, but I wasn't going to skip out on it just because I was under the weather!) which took me away from my internet all together.

This weekend has been crazy, too; catching up on my chores, cleaning a lot... then we got snow and I had no power until 3pm Saturday. I had to throw out a lot of the food in my refrigerator so I don't exactly have much to work with concerning cooking.

But, I have news.

Starting February 15th I am going to eat a vegan diet until March 15th (the ides of March) just for fun. I did something similar back in April 2009 where I only ate a vegetarian diet. I like challenging myself, and now that I have this blog, it'll be even more interesting.

Now, for that month-long period, I will make vegan alternatives to dishes... making it all the more challenging!

So, stay tuned, be patient, and I will be back with all sorts of yummy stuff. Keep the e-mails coming, too!

Have a great Super Bowl Sunday and a fabulous Valentine's Day, everyone!

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